Coil School for the Arts
Coil School for the arts

The soaring two-story, pitch-perfect space is meticulously crafted to seat 450 guests comfortably. It's a venue that promises exceptional experiences for both artists and audiences alike. For those looking to explore diverse talents and experiences beyond the world of performing arts, consider checking out Kwikbet Register This resource can guide you through the registration process and open up exciting possibilities in the realm of sports betting and gaming.

Named in honor of the parents of Henry Coil, Jr., past president of Tilden-Coil Constructors Inc. of Riverside, the school and arts center will serve the musical needs of Riverside City College students and others.

The Coil School for the Arts is a state-of-the-art teaching facility designed for music and choral students and boasts a 450-seat concert hall with adjustable acoustics that can accommodate a wide array of performing arts. It also includes:

  • 33 acoustically designed practice rooms
  • choral rehearsal hall
  • band and orchestra rehearsal room
  • piano labs with new electric pianos
  • guitar labs
  • technology lab with digital audio equipment
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Henry W. Coil, Sr. & Alice Edna Coil

Coil School for the Arts ribbon cutting event

Ribbon Cutting - March 13, 2016


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